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A chain of custody ticketing system.

Receive residuals from the secondary market, eliminate fraud, know who is at your event and target buyers locally.


Market Your Event to Local Ticket Buyers

The Blocktix platform is a direct link to an active community of people incentivized to engage with local events in their community.

Passthrough Ticket Revenue

Blocktix provides event promoters with a ticket exchange that enables full control of primary and secondary market ticket distribution. For the first time, promoters are able to create rules for each ticket sold which include setting up passthrough percentages to the artists and promoters themselves.

Scalping & Fraud Prevention

Thanks to smart ticket generation on the blockchain, Blocktix offers event promoters the ability to add conditional logic to each ticket it manages. All tickets in the network are linked together through Blocktix and uniquely attributed to prevent fraud and off-exchange distribution.

Event Security - Know Your Attendee

Event promoters need access to the identity of attendees for improved security and emergency response communications. Blocktix ensures that 100% of all ticket holders are identified and associated with their respective tickets. This information is securely stored and leverages the use of facial recognition for ID verification.

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Community Incentives Using Tix Rewards

Our Team

Photo of Rob Schins

Rob Schins


With over one year experience as Community Manager for projects like Blackcoin and ShadowCash, Rob now joins the Blocktix Team. His task: to manage the project from idea to execution.

Photo of Ryno Mathee

Ryno Mathee


Ryno is the architect of Blocktix, and has a proven track record in cryptocurrency development. He is the Lead Developer of The Particl Project, and was the founder of ShadowCash, which later grew into The Shadow Project.

Photo of Bojan Malesevic

Bojan Malesevic

Project Assistant

A big love for crypto and always willing to help awesome projects out, Bojan joins the Blocktix team as the Project's Assistant. Always ready to help out in any way he can: putting out fires, talking with the community and more.

Photo of Matt Gray

Matt Gray

Marketing Director

Matt Gray, previously working as Associate Director at IZEA, the leading technology company in the influencer marketing space, joins the Blocktix team. Matt brings his extensive experience in influencer marketing to the mix.

Photo of Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson

Photo of Everette Harp

Everette Harp

Photo of Kenny G

Kenny G


Create Live Events, let the platform do the rest.

Organizer’s, tell us more about your next event and let Blocktix get to work for you.

Attendee’s, the Blocktix app is available for download. Enjoy!